The Automotive Industry Crisis

The collapse of the U.S. automotive industry is, without question, one of the greatest tragedies of the age. Hundreds of thousands have lost jobs already and hundreds of thousands more will follow them in the coming years.

What makes the story so compelling is the homes that will be lost, the college educations that will go unfunded, and how easy all this was to foresee and therefore to forestall.

To read the entire report on the Auto Industry, published in 2006, download the PDF here

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  • Kimberly R

    The downturn of economy has resulted to the decline of auto industry, which affects so much to everyone. Unemployment rate is continuously increasing. This predicament is like pollution that truly gives huge impact in our daily living. Conversely, the CAFE standards or Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards have gotten themselves an update. It have been overhauled by President Obama, to drastically cut auto emissions around the U.S.A. The automobile industry might be doing less check cashing from sales of gas guzzlers, though – the new standard is for all cars (just cars, not trucks) to achieve an average of 35.5 mpg by 2016. It is currently at 27.5 mpg. That level of efficiency has already been mandated by the state of California, and the aim is to severely reduce emission of greenhouse gases. Critics point out that higher CAFE standards might save a payday cash loan at the pump, but smaller cars compromise crash safety.

  • Michael De'Shazer

    But I guess the real question is, what do we do know and where do we go from this automotively-inept location on the low end of the global mechanical engineering totem-pole?