Work/Life: Orbitz Poll Says No to Inflight Internet

A recent Orbitz poll says business travelers "don't feel the need or desire to be connected at 30,000 feet."

But don't count me among the nearly six in 10 who prefers to keep the air up there a refuge from the Internet.

Sure, I can appreciate the airborne downtime that comes with unplugging from our always-on world. On the other hand, an airborne Internet would give me not only better productivity but up-to-date new and improved entertainment choices.

Beyond that, I can use Internet access to stay on top of air traffic conditions at my connection and destination airports, and all along my route. I can pick up more-detailed flight notifications, plus it's far easier to make trip modifications online, en route, than waiting till I arrive.

What I actually worry about is the airborne nuisance that would result from bringing an airborne cell phone inside the passenger cabin.

But Internet access isn't cell phone access, not at least from where I sit.

If the Internet were available on your next flight, would you plug in?

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  • Rip Empson

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to check the weather and your flight status from the air? I was just on a flight that was delayed in the air and at a midway airport for 10+ hours. Could have used some connectivity then, but part of me feels like the airlines don't really want you to have access to the same information/resources they do while in-flight. But maybe I'm just paranoid. My question is: in the air, passengers are told that using portable electronic devices hamper the radar, etc. in the cockpit. How much is this actually true? If we become fully connected in the air, does that actually pose problems for the pilots? Something's fishy...

  • Michael De'Shazer

    Was their poll conducted among businessmen and women over the age of 60?