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Sony Releases GPS Dongle for PSP

Almost two years ago, Japanese Sony (NYSE: SNE) PSP owners saw the availability of GPS dongles for their devices, capable of providing interactive maps and turn-by-turn directions. Now the dongle appears ready for delivery to the US market, albeit with a great deal of refinement in its operation. Due out within the year, the new PSP GPS software will be powered by Tele Atlas and have a sleek and intuitive interface – a step up from the rather clunky UI of the Japanese iteration. Those that have used the device report it to be easy to use, with great-looking maps and graphics. It’s flagship feature: full, 3-D walk-through renderings of major cities, which Sony claims is a first in the handheld GPS market. The dongle will most likely cost between $100 and $200 USD, and be available with a car mount. Reportedly, Sony is also designing a folding keyboard that would dock to the bottom of the PSP, as well as it’s A/V and audio outputs.

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