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Hitachi Announces Standalone Blu-Ray Burner for Camcorders

With many new camcorders sporting eSATA ports these days, Hitachi (NYSE: HIT) has taken the opportunity to release a Blu-Ray disc burner that can connect directly to an eSATA-enabled camera and burn discs without a computer. The DZ-WR90 is intended to utilize the high quality of some hard drive-based high-definition model camcorders (like those made by Hitachi itself). Hitachi claims that each Blu-Ray disc burned by the DZ-WR90 will hold approximately three hours of full 1920 × 1080 footage and take about 1.5hrs to burn. Up to six hours of video is storable in 1440 × 1080 resolution.  (A DVD, by comparison, can store up to one hour of 720 × 480 footage.) The drive also works with double-sided media and DVD-R discs. No word on pricing or availability as of yet.

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