New Features For Fast Company Dot Com Website - Please Add, Edit, Delete

Hi All:

What features would you like to see on the Fast Company Dot Com website?

  • Board Folders covering all topics in what C-serve calls forums. Folders’ categories are hyperlinked. Under each board folder is listed the total number of messages and the time of the last posting.
  • A Digest of what is available including the topic name, msg subject header, number of views, name of last poster and date.
  • A very understandable individual listing style of each message including its numerical position in the thread, ie. 2 of 21, date and time posted, poster’s name, who replying to and a number coding that can be used as part of a sophisticated bulletin board search.
  • Visual Map In Tree Form – see who responded to whom with date and time.
  • A Leader Board – called "Top Contributors In This Forum" on SM BZ– changes based on what topic area was being viewed.
  • Most Recent Post – some forum bulletin boards have graphic icons to indicate particularly active topics, questions answered, updated since last visit. SM BZ has a legend with icons.
  • Tagging – on Small BZ this is called "What Members Are Talking About"
  • Filtering – Allows for narrowing of search via drop menu and sometimes includes number of listings per page.
  • Fast Search – see Compuserve example. Should be key word at least and should search current and archived posts.
  • Track back – useful when FC posts are added to blogs and bulleting boards outside of the FC website. Also applies to posts added from other web sources.
  • RSS
  • Open ID
  • Share - via e-Mail


Set Up of clearly defined category areas.Simple instructions as how to post, add a new topic to and netiquette-type rules.


Digest of What’s Is Available In Each Folder –

Msgs names are hyperlinked as are the number of postings, and the name of the poster

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  • Donald Schwartz

    The judicious use of white space, while important, but IMHO is currently overshadowed by problems with FC’s website information design.

  • VJ Misra

    Most corporate websites have a white background. A white background should always be used when a company needs to create an impeccable impression or is trying to sell something. Most other backgrounds, including graphical backgrounds should be limited to personal or gaming websites.

    Aesthetics of the website are greatly improved if the background is white. Also, there have been instances where websites with graphical or custom colored backgrounds are not rendered properly on Mozilla and Firefox.

    Just my .02 cents … hope it helps.

  • Donald Schwartz


    There is value in your view, but the informational design issues run deeper than just use of color or lack of it IMHO.


  • Claude Gorham

    Ever hear the advice 'do not use a white background on powerpoint presentations?' Well the white background on the website has the same effect - it's tiresome.

  • Lynn Bernstein

    I agree Donald. As co-moderator, I know we will be working with Lynne and Sherri as a great team to accomplish this. I'm sure others have ideas they would like to see implemented too.

    We have the A-team on this now!