"I don't want to say, ‘I told you so,’ but the show came in under budget at $2.1 million, and tickets are selling out. Our audiences are 60% black and 40% white. Seeing all these people in the audience who are new to Broadway makes all those years I’ve been working on this worth it.”

“Of course, profits in theater, even with a fund, aren't guaranteed. But investors get access to all the fun perks of the theater world, which you won’t get investing in an oil company.”

“I used to find it difficult to always be the youngest producer in the room, but then I realized that Broadway needs my perspective. There has to be someone who doesn’t turn up her nose if Clay Aiken does Spamalot.”

“Our shows typically don’t have A-list actors and built-in name recognition. So we have to be more creative in developing a groundswell of support for a show. With Spring Awakening, we created an Internet campaign that let fans create music videos online and share them virally via MySpace…We recouped our costs in less than a year.”