Sustainable is the new sexy. Long gone are the days when caring about the environment meant dated fashions and dowdy garb. Here's a look at nine quirky green friendly designs that are fashionably far from the ordinary.

Manufactured by Ecoist a collaborative of eco-designers and entrepreneurs, these trendy pull-tab bags juxtapose contemporary design with environmentally friendly materials. The bags are handmade from 100 percent post-consumer recycled tabs that are taken off aluminum cans. Each bag has a zipper closure, hand-crocheted nylon liner, and a pouch inside to encase your lipstick and cell phone.

Prices range from $39 to $180.

International women's lingerie maker, Triumph, has created and applied for a patent for the No More Plastic Bags Bra. The first bra that can also serve as a shopping bag was primarily designed to draw attention to environmental issues and is a direct response to Japan's current recycling laws, which aim to curb the distribution of over 30 billion plastic bags annually. Available in five different colors, the bra features folded-up reusable shopping bags within its cups, made from recycled polyester fiber. When worn, the bra's folded shopping bags function as padding, its shoulder straps act as ribbons on the bags, and its lace contributes a decorative aspect.

Made from recycled materials like vintage knitting needles, game pieces, tape measures, tupperware, or just old coat hangers, Australian designer Liana Kabel's colorful jewelry is one of a kind. Sourced from thrift stores, recycling centers, or just her friends, the designs make use of materials that would otherwise be discarded.

Prices range from $30 to $600.

Kids' non-recyclable drink pouches have finally found their calling. An estimated five billion drink pouches are discarded in America every year, and through a program called the Capri Sun and Honest Tea Drink Pouch Brigade, this waste is now being transformed. Schools, non-profits and other community groups nationwide are incentivized (paid two cents a shot) to bring the used drink pouches to one of five hundred locations, collecting about a thousand pouches a day. Terracycle then turns them into colorful handbags, tote bags and pencil cases that are sold at big box retailers like Target.

Prices range from $2 to $13.

Okay so this isn’t your typical fashion item, but the introduction of organic, washable menstrual pads has huge eco-potential. Sckoon's vibrantly printed pads are created from certified organic Egyptian cotton and are 100 percent chemical free. The pads can last up to six years allowing you to simultaneously reduce waste and save money.

Two mini four-day pads and two night pads retail for $130.

If you really want your wedding to be perfect, then say, "I do," with a clear conscience. Give your wife an eco-friendly wedding ring, custom-made from select cuts of black bamboo and embedded with a vintage Swarovski crystal. Cured with fire and polished using bee's wax, the rings are completely sustainable, with no chemicals or additives. VerdeRocks makes them in two shades -- a natural cream or a rich caramel. If you really want to go all out, there's a green version of the ring made from freshly cut bamboo, which captures the life of the plant while the green remains in its cell structure. Over time, the ring fades to resemble the natural cream.

Instead of having unwanted materials end up in landfills, Ecoist sources them to create an eclectic collection of colorful bags. In collaboration with Modulab in Chile, the organization collects outdoor movie billboards that are past their advertising period. The end result: a fabric of endless colors, patterns, symbols, images, and celebrity faces. Another line of bags from pre-consumer, factory misprints of candy wrappers, chip bags, soda labels and other types of flexible food packaging is also available.

Billboard bags range from $35 to $48, and candy wrapper bags from $118-$168.

A former Greenpeace activist, artist Adriana Bertini designs clothing made from unused, quality rejected condoms that would otherwise be incinerated, releasing sulfur and other environmentally unfriendly toxins. Not made for general retail, the condom centric art is displayed on sculptures and models, the main purpose being to spread awareness about AIDS prevention. Bertini's motto: "Condoms must be basic like a pair of jeans and necessary like a great love."

Ever thought you'd wear a piece of a truck? English Retreads sources used inner tubes from truck tires in the Boulder area and employs local cottage industry sewers and assemblers to create fashionable, yet sturdy bags. Dog collars, key rings, belts and other products are also available, with metal findings sourced from US manufacturers, and lined items created from 100 percent PET fabric made with post-consumer recycled plastic.

Prices range from $65 to $209.

9 Daring Ideas That Blend Fashion and Sustainability

Sustainable is the new sexy. Long gone are the days when caring about the environment meant dated fashions and dowdy garb. Here's a look at nine quirky green friendly designs that are fashionably far from the ordinary.

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