Power of Choice

What do we focus on as leaders? Research has shown we get more of what we focus on. We focus on problems. We get more problems. We focus on choices; we see more available choices. What are you focusing on today?

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  • Jay Tatum

    Clearly the question assumes the answer that the "research" is correct, yet it lacks a great deal of imagination and leaves the impression that the leaders have a focus. I would suggest a different question which will yield even more answers - what is the quintessential focus of leaders? Is it leadership? Function? Passion? Or what? I can't back this up with any research, real or imagined, but I can say this question will yield different results whether one has research to back it or not.
    This sounds amazing like the Law of Attraction. . .

  • John Agno

    Your word has as much power as you give to it.

    If leaders say one thing and do another, they will dilute the power of their word. To empower your word, you must align your attention with your intention.

    Every time you bring your attention to your intention, you amplify the power of your word. Your word has the power to change your life. Paying attention to your intentions allows you to manage your time and energy.

    Knowing what's important to us requires good, honest introspection. Changes in self-awareness lead to changes in behavior followed by important improvements in time management and work-life balance.

    It doesn't matter what you have your sights set on...but they must be set on something. Hopefully, you have decided that just getting the job done and earning a paycheck is not enough. If you don't know where you want to go, it's unlikely you'll succeed in your career and life. If your goal is vague, seek specificity.

    Life is not a dress rehearsal. It is the actual performance and you deserve to live your life by utilizing the best of your intentions and abilities.