Fake Wall Street Journal Hits the Stands

A parody of the Wall Street Journal hit news stands early today, creating enough of a stir to get the real WSJ snapping up copies in at attempt to get them off the streets.

Published every 26 years, this time the parody has been titled My Wall Street Journal, for Murdoch's rapidly expanding media empire, which now includes everything from MySpace to the Wall Street Journal. It satirizes Murdoch, NewsCorp, the real WSJ and the media giant's other properties like Fox News and The New York Post.

The parody is the brainchild of editor Tony Hendra, a former editor at National Lampoon, along with Richard Belzer, Andy Borowitz, Terry Jones and writers from The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live, and The Onion. It has inspired a fake video on Gawker, of an enraged Murdoch demanding ever copy be burnt.

The paper is on sale for $3.95 this week at newsstands and bookstores, at Amazon.com, and at wsjparody.com.

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  • think feeldo

    Ah...get ready...here we go! I would suggest that everyone read Kermit Pattison's blog titled 'Steal this Idea' as he's made some interesting points about this very sort of thing.


  • Chase Wegmann

    The old adage is that imitation is the finest form of flattery...not that any brand manager would agree mind you. In fact I'm not even sure who should be congratulated on its initial launch publicity success; the fact the the Wall Street Journal is dispensing its legions around nYc buying out newsstand copies or the YouTube viral video that uncannily parodies Rupert Murdoch giving the very same orders.

    Though to measure My Wall Street Journal's true success, we'll have to wait and see if this is just another version of the proverbial parody machine The Onion.