Everybody has exes. And many people harbor resentment toward them, which is what makes this voodoo doll-inspired knife holder kind of funny. What's less funny: spending $100 to own a mediocre joke, only to risk looking like a sociopath when you're hosting parties.

Seiko's new Spacewalk watch claims something that many timepieces can't: it's space-proof. What does this mean? It's a scan 92 grams, and waterproof to 100 meters. It's also airtight and has extra-bright luminescent hours and arms. Which would all be great, if there were gravity or oceans in space, or if space-suits had little windows through which one could read a wristwatch. It's being specially designed for Richard Garriott, a video-game mogul who will be traveling to space with the Russian Space Program. Only 100 will be made, which makes sense, because they're sure to be prohibitively expensive.

There's furniture, and then there's furniture you play with. This interactive LED coffee table, called The Ripple, reacts to movement on its surface by illuminating LED lights under its opaque surface. It's certainly a conversation piece, and beautifully made to boot; but it's a rare living room that can accommodate a plug-in table without some renovation. The table is made of 100% sustainably grown wood and draws less energy than one conventional lightbulb, but those factors alone might not be enough for prospective buyers to overlook the $2,035 price tag. At least it's an excuse to throw more cocktail parties.

There are lots of things you can do to help the environment: drive a Prius, plant a tree, recycle an issue of Fast Company. Now you can even get drunk and help the environment. That's thanks to 360's “green” vodka, which the company says is produced with energy-efficient equipment in a facility that “has improved its eco-footprint measurably over the last 5 years.” At, $30 a bottle, it also comes bottled in recycled glass and shipped in eco-friendly packaging, and touts a good environmental report card that you can view on the beverage maker's homepage.

For some people, riding a motorcycle is all about looking tough. For others, it's about looking like a monster cyborg on a mission to go slay alien invaders. If you're of the latter persuasion, you should look into Oakley's $750 Medusa Hat and Goggles set. It might look awesome on the highway, but it will also scare away small children at close range.

Perhaps you wanted to be a bomber pilot, but your vision wasn't that great. Or you forgot to enlist. Either way, you can now remind everyone of your unfulfilled dreams with the $4,900 MotoArt B52 ejection seat, which is a leather upholstered office chair with all the trappings of an emergency system meant to propel you into the blue yonder. Very cool for history buffs, except for the fact that pulling the switch won't eject you out of the banality of your office.

The venerable toaster has remained largely unchanged since its primordial days, but the Zuse toaster could change that forever. Inside it lives a little brain that allows the Zuse to toast a 12x12 pixel image onto your bread, with a number of pre-set images from which you can choose. You can also design your own. It works much like a very primitive printer; you slide the bread through the top, and voila, it appears in the lower tray, effigy and all. Though the design is still in prototype, impatient breakfasters can practice making toast art by getting a cattle brand and a blowtorch.

Mostly, we discovered these using journalistic magic. But it wouldn't be fair if we didn't mention a startup called ThisNext.com, which abetted our quest when plain magic wasn't cutting it. According to Founder and CEO Gordon Gould, ThisNext exists to solve what he calls a “discovery problem” in online shopping. That problem: how do you find the perfect product if you don't know it exists? ThisNext acts like a social network for products, allowing users to discover cool, niche merchandise without having to be a design maven or a professional shopper. Check it out, but beware – it's addictive, so keep a tight fist on your credit card.