"Originally released in 1972 by Matsushita, the Technics SL-1200 turntable is considered the industry standard by DJs worldwide 35 years later. No other single audio playback device has had as much cultural impact on modern music as this unassuming, built-like-a-tank turntable." -- Jack Buser, Dolby

"The Nokia N95 has everything that you would want to take with you on the road: a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Lens, a video camera, wireless LAN, GPS navigation, barcode scanner and media player with an awesome pair of speakers built-in. Also, the two-way horizontal and vertical view with different keypad control is super smart. This phone is for hardcore texters – like me." -- Nam Do, CEO, Emotiv

"The New York Times (especially Sunday) is beautifully designed and the ethic of quality and intelligence raises the bar consistently." -- Carin Goldberg, AIGA, Carin Goldberg Design

"OK. I suck gas. But, if you can't afford a range rover, Landrover LR3 is as good as it gets to enjoying the world's greatest SUV." -- Robert Wong, creative director, Arnold Advertising

"After 27 years of development by Whirlwind Wheelchair International, the RoughRider Wheelchair went open source this year. This not only allows for local adaptation but lower costs!" -- Cameron Sinclair, Architecture for Humanity

"The Mini Motion Watch by Yves Behar bridges the gap between the restraint and formality of a dress watch and the casual technology of a sports watch. It's clean and sleek and is just as appropriate at a dinner party as it is when you're out running." -- Jerry Helling, Bernhardt Studio

"The Porsche 911 is gorgeous, fast and just practical enough to drive every day." -- Cory Ondrejka, CTO, Linden Lab

"The Fusion razor makes shaving a painless non-chore, plus it's way cool looking. Who would have thought it possible?" -- David Lubars, BBDO

"Designed by Debra Adler for Target, the Safe RX Pill Bottle solves the legibility and mistaken use of drug problem. It's one of those things that makes taking prescription drugs safer. No one in their right mind can read what's on it and follow it." -- Clement Mok

"Microsoft Surface Computing is a far more familiar and intimate way to engage software as it more closely mirrors the way we interact with the physical world. Today our relationship with a computer is one-to-one. It's not a social experience in the traditional sense. Sure we're connecting remotely to others, but I'm talking about pressing the flesh here. But with table-top computing combined with multi-touch input, a group of people can gather around a screen and engage in completely new types of gaming, craft activities and work collaboration in real time, together." -- Mark Rolston, senior VP, creative, frog design

"Throughout the world millions of women and children spend a large part of their day carrying water great distances. With less effort and risk of injury the Hippo Water Roller allows a person to roll 90 liters of water compared to carrying the typical 20 liter pail on the head. The increased water available to the households results in improved health, hygiene, schooling, cooking, washing and food preparation." -- Dan Buchner, VP, innovation and design, Continuum

"Zaha Hadid's prototype hybrid Z-car is architecture on wheels and hopefully will make its way into the marketplace. It is the perfect method of transport for today's ecologically concerned, design conscious urban dweller." -- Cathy Leff, director, Wolfsonian Museum

"Like the clothes I make, the QWERTY keyboard might seem counterintuitive at first, but somehow works--whether on an old typewriter, a laptop or a Blackberry. I use a lot of text in my design process--though not in the design themselves--and I love the way the letters are arranged out of order." -- Tom Scott, fashion designer

"I've been riding motorcycles for years, and have not come across a better example of design and performance [than the Ducati 996]. Although this bike has been replaced by the current 999, real hardcore Ducati design nuts still look at the 996 as Ducati's best ever." -- Bob Greenberg, R/GA

"The coffee table by Isamu Nogushi looks nothing like your typical coffee table, but more like a sculpture. I have had the table for about 20 years, and its shapes still do not bore me. It has become 'back in style,' a compliment to its timeless design." -- Michiel Schriever, senior creative director, Autodesk

"Ceelite technologies delivers commercially viable Light Emitting Capacitance technology, essentially flexible flat light-bulbs, a sixteenth of an inch thick, that emit no heat and waste a tiny fraction of energy compared to regular light bulbs, which can be molded and shaped to almost any curved surface – on walls, ceilings, floors and sides of buildings. This will re-invent what we mean by lighting." -- Tom Wujec, fellow, Autodesk

"Designed by Organ Recovery Systems with Ideo, Lifeport [kidney transporter] not only performs a vital function--transporting human organs to hospitals for transplants--but it is beautifully designed. It is at once sleek and compact and highly functional." -- Brooke Hodge, curator of architecture and design, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

"Sexy, green and powerful, the Tesla electric car is a good aspiration and model for everyone to follow. That fact that it doesn't rely on the infrastructure of Detroit is refreshing." -- Clement Mok

"Demano Bag, the Barcelona bag company, makes fashion bags out of old city event banners (normally unrecyclable) that hang over the streets between street lamps. Because it is made out of scaffolding material, the bags are waterproof and very durable." -- Toshiko Mori, architect, chair of the Department of Architecture at Harvard University Graduate School of Design

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"Originally released in 1972 by Matsushita, the Technics SL-1200 turntable is considered the industry standard by DJs worldwide 35 years later. No other single audio playback device has had as much cultural impact on modern music as this unassuming, built-like-a-tank turntable." — Jack Buser, Dolby

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