"The ultimate combination of beauty, comfort, and technology. It is just right--nothing more, nothing less. It looks great from all angles. It has been the chair icon for the last 50 years." -- Eric Chan, Ecco Design

"Hello, my name is Jim and I am a watchaholic. My latest is based on a blood-pressure gauge (sphygmomanometer) design. It's beautiful, rugged, huge; my other watches are becoming jealous." -- James Biber, Pentagram

"I bought myself this watch 12 years ago, when I first started to earn some real money, and it has not left my wrist since. It encapsulates simple, pure, and functional design." -- Alasdhair Willis, Established

"A pure expression of minimalism I picked up in Paris a few years ago. Everywhere I go, people comment on its clever and original take on telling time." -- Mark Dziersk, Laga

"For the perfect glass of juice. I'm a big juicer, and this has radically changed both prep and delivery time. Changes my day, every day." -- Scott Williams, Morgans Hotel Group

"I can put plants or water in one when I'm gardening, recycle studio papers, put one over my head to get rid of the sun--and my cats love to sleep in them." -- Topher Delaney, Seam Studios

"It never ceases to amaze me how much innovation, design, and craftsmanship go into the development of road bikes. The new Madone line is simply beautiful, especially the Madone 6.9 Pro: It exudes speed, performance, and strength, and looks supremely comfortable." -- Alastair Curtis, Nokia

"It is a necessity in my life. I use it to plan all of my travels and appointments." -- Toshiko Mori, Toshiko Mori Architect

"The original cover art was illustrated by Charley Harper, my hero. It mesmerized me as a kid, and now I stop in my tracks each time I see it. A jewel!" -- Todd Oldham, Todd Oldham Studio

"This mid-19th-century design fulfilled the Bauhaus command almost 75 years before anyone had ever heard of form following function. A beautiful sculpture of brass, steel, and pear wood, with no superfluous parts." -- Bruce Turkel, Turkel

"I grew up with a pair of these; they sat on a chest at eye level. Its shape is convincing, friendly, harmonious, as if it belonged. Since no one is spitting nowadays, they each hold a low flower pot." -- Eva Zeisel, industrial designer

"Having bought the first version for our home, we recently acquired the newer silver model for our studio. It's beautiful, quiet, speedy, and easy to use. Plus, it makes superb coffee. Fantastic." -- Jessica Helfand, Winterhouse Studio

"Thehappycorp's redesign of the Bloomberg information terminal brings in social networking, news maps, even market lava lamps, making financial information more personal and accessible." -- Tom Wujec, Autodesk

"I love Strats and Rickenbackers and Les Pauls, but there's something so reductionist and beautiful about a Tele--in looks and sound." -- David Lubars, BBDO

"Cooking is a passion, and I use this knife every day. It is both functional--with perfect balance, a comfortable handle, and a great edge--and beautiful, particularly the pattern on the folded-steel blade." -- Cory Ondrejka, Linden Lab

"The best point-and-click digital camera on the market. And making iPhoto books with its 10-megapixel images is much more fun than just memorizing your life." -- Robert Wong, Arnold Worldwide

"This is one of my favorite recent designs. It feels great to hold and works flawlessly. Most of the Oxo products are equally good, but this is the best." -- Steven Heller, The New York Times Book Review

"I have used these speakers for five years, and they are a beautiful sensual landscape with no comprising of sound quality--a soundscape." -- Karim Rashid, Karim Rashid Inc.

"These shackles are made of cast stainless steel, and their function is to tie off ropes for sails. I'm not a sailor, but these little gadgets are so cool--their simplicity, use of materials, and, most important, the fact that they work so well. They make me want to hit the open water." -- Darrin Caddes, Plantronics

"It combines blinding acceleration with beauty, and sounds like a Ferrari." -- Antoine Predock, Antoine Predock Architect

"A flat sheet of cut stainless steel takes a cupped form when four fingers are riveted together. As a designer, this inspires elegant solutions that use material to the fullest." -- Bruce Smith, Steelcase

"I hate ballpoint pens; they're too neat and precise. Besides the ritzy name, LePen markers look classic and simple, and write better as you wear the tips down." -- Tom Scott, fashion designer

"It is approximately 30 inches long, coiled, but has six joints that let you uncoil sections and create your own design. It's simple yet complicated, elegant, versatile--and timeless." -- Cathy Leff, the Wolfsonian

"There are few objects as classic or that have stood the test of time as well as an ancient samurai sword. Its steel blade has been forged, hammered, and folded in on itself many times to create a finish like a diamond. It is an inspiration to cut away the unnecessary." -- Ron Pompei, Pompei A.D.

"An American classic that really began almost 150 years ago. Levi's are to denim what Kleenex are to tissues. They blazed the trail for everyone, and I like leaders--and being loyal to leaders." -- Tim Gunn, Liz Claiborne

Designer Approved 2007

"The ultimate combination of beauty, comfort, and technology. It is just right—nothing more, nothing less. It looks great from all angles. It has been the chair icon for the last 50 years." — Eric Chan, Ecco Design

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