Who: Tyra Banks

What: Tyra Banks serves up daily blog posts related to the topic of the day on her television show. She spends a lot of time creating damage control and, you guessed it, talking about her favorite subject -- Tyra. She also has some of the best personal beauty tips on the Web.

Where:The Tyra Banks Show

Who: Moby

What: DJ and musician Moby writes as much about his politics as he does his musical life. He's extremely open in his writing, and while he may not have comments appended to his blog entries his site contains an open forum where people can either love him or hate him.

Where: Moby's Journal

Who: Zach Braff

What: Braff's blog is completely focused on getting the word out about his television appearances. It's not the most interesting blog -- Braff is often hung up on thanking his fans. But it is thoughtful and fairly amusing.

Where: Zach Braff

Who: Rosie O'Donnell

What: Rosie has one of the most popular celebrity blogs on the Web. It's filled with personal videos, essays, and poems about everything from her family life to her political views. And there's even tidbits about her falling out with "The Donald."

Where: r blog

Who: Lily Allen

What: Follow this singer as she goes on tour and pals around with her friends. Peek in as she handles rumors that are circulating about her, and read about her daily life. It's entertaining, fun, and cleverly written by a rising star.

Where: Lily's Blog

Who: John Mayer

What: This singer/songwriter has one of the best written blogs on the Internet. It's articulate, conversational, concise, and witty -- so much so that you get the feeling it's being edited. Mayer writes about both music and personal projects, like his new eco-friendly product line.

Where: John Mayer Blog