What it does: Transfers files as large as 1GB through users' existing email accounts.

What's cool: Pando combines the best of email and peer-to-peer networks, allowing you to transfer files too large for an inbox, but with greater reliability than most P2P networks.

Check it out: www.pando.com

What it does: Provides a platform for users to set up a page for sharing opinions, recommendations, or expertise on any topic -- from Kim Jong-il to the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

What's cool: Squidoo pays royalties to its contributors and estimates that half of them give the money to a set of charities featured on the site.

Check it out: www.squidoo.com

What it does: Brings real estate brokerage online, allowing users to buy and sell MLS-listed homes over the Internet.

What's cool: Site visitors can do everything a regular brokerage does, but the commission is about a third of a standard agent's.

Check it out: www.redfin.com

What it does: Matches scientists to R&D challenges posed by companies.

What's cool: It enables scientists to pick and choose what they want to work on. For companies, adding a fresh mind to the R&D department is only a click away.

Check it out: www.innocentive.com

What it does: Enhances Internet radio with all the features of a social networking site.

What's cool: The system recommends music according to what music enthusiasts have been listening to. The more you listen, the better its recommendations.

Check it out: www.last.fm

What it does: Combines Wikipedia and Google Earth to let users create and edit tags for any spot on the planet.

What's cool: Big Brother is watching you. He's also collaborating with users all around the world to decide how to describe you.

Check it out: www.wikimapia.org

What it does: Posts user-submitted news. A user then votes for stories -- the more votes, the more prominently a story is featured.

What's cool: Same idea as Digg, but while Digg focuses on science and technology, Shoutwire aims for a broader range of content.

Check it out: www.shoutwire.com

What it does: Social networking akin to MySpace, but more exclusive.

What's cool: There are no ads on Wallop. Instead, the company's business model is based on selling members cool widgets to enhance their self-expression on their personal pages.

Check it out:Check it out: www.wallop.com

What it does: Lets users search for and share information about local events.

What's cool: A recently launched feature that lets users "demand" events or performances they would like to see locally. The idea is that enough declared interest will convince targeted performers to come to town.

Check it out: www.eventful.com

What it does: Helps students compare loans and make education financing decisions.

What's cool: SimpleTuition offers services to financial aid professionals as well. Its pages and tools can be customized for a specific university.

Check it out: www.simpletuition.com

What it does: Allows users to share media snippets instantly. Anyone with a web-enabled camera phone, PDA, or computer can send videos, photos and audio clips directly to their web page without downloads or plug-ins.

What's cool: It works on any community or personal web page that accepts HTML snippets.

Check it out: www.abazab.com

What it does: Lets users browse, share and bookmark products they find online.

What's cool: Stylefeeder allows users to rate items, as well as browse other people's lists.

Check it out: www.stylefeeder.com