The DocuPen R700 from Planon is a portable, pen-sized scanner eight inches long that scans text and can store up to 100 pages. Later, retrieve them on your PC via USB connection. You can even use character recognition to create text from the images, to place in other documents. $199.

The eMagin Z800 3DVisor puts your desktop right in your eyes and makes 3-D games truly three-dimensional. The visor tracks head movement to alter your perspective in the game. $899.

The Sudoku Portable from Techno Source brings the puzzle craze from Japan to your fingertips. Play Sudoku puzzles like those in the newspaper with a stylus and touch screen, placing numbers in a logical grid. Kill time on your next commute. $19.99.

Turner Broadcasting's GameTap is an online gaming service that launched October 2005 and features a library of 300 games, from Atari and Commodore 64, to Sega Genesis and newer PC titles. $15 per month.

Watch TV on your PC: The HDTV Wonder from ATI includes a video card and an antenna that picks up the broadcast signal in the air, so there are no monthly fees. It can even record shows to your PC. Enjoy a picture that is up to four times higher resolution than your average TV picture. $149.

The Digimax i5 digital camera from Samsung is a five mega-pixel monster. Its 17mm thin frame is small and comfortable, but has a large 2.5" screen for easy viewing. It features 3x optical zoom, for less grainy images, and mpeg-4 video capabilities, for DVD-quality movie files. $299.

Olympus' WS-3xx series voice recorders comes with 256 MB, 512 MB or 1 GB of space. Twice as wide as an iPod shuffle, it's a flash-based music player, as well as a stereo voice recorder. Dictate notes, record interviews, or create your first podcast. $149 to $229.

The Firefly is a prepaid cell phone for kids, with a simple design that won't confuse them. A colorful interface has buttons for mom, dad, and emergency. Stores an additional 20 numbers for family and friends. Uses prepaid minutes. Keep in touch with your children, no matter where they are. $99.

Delapod bags by Delarew Designs are handbags for tech-minded fashionistas. Features a pocket for your iPod, that protects it, but still allows you to control it. There is also a hole to let earphones out. Comes in a range of sizes and styles, from solid colors to stripes to leopard spots. $49 to $109.

The PPC-6700 from Sprint is the first phone to run on Windows Mobile 5. It features portable, yet robust versions of Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook that are compatible with the full programs. This feature-rich smartphone is perfect for the office road warrior to work on the go. $449.

The Fly Pentop computer from LeapFrog is more than just an enlarged pen. When used with special point paper, it can help kids calculate math equations as they write them, translate Spanish words, or make music on a drawn keyboard,. $99

With the Remote Monitoring Laundry System from LG you don't have to wonder if the wash is done. Just like baby monitors, this laundry monitor, which uses Power Line Communication to talk with an LG washer and dryer, lets you keep tabs on progress from another room. $99 for the monitor (washer and dryer sold separately).

The Hummer laptop from Itronix is tough and durable, spill-resistant and shock-proof. Take it along on a camping trip without worry. Starts at $2988.

NanoDynamics used nano-construction to create its NDMX golf ball -- a ball with a metal center that distributes weight. The result: better golf. Less rotation means the ball flies on a straighter path and is less prone to deviation from accidental slicing or grass variations. $24.95 for a sleeve of three.

The Zeno from Tyrell is a little machine for acne. Just place the applicator tip on the zit and a surge of precise heat will kill the bacteria causing the pimple. Two or three applications in a day removes most acne. Clinically tested, the Zeno will clear out your medicine cabinet, as well as your face. $225