Who are the groundbreakers? They are individuals who have left indelible marks on their markets and industries. Here we feature 10 such entrepreneurs who have experienced remarkable success, and in the process, changed how we live and how we do business.

When Stemberg opened the first Staples store in 1986, he launched an entirely new retailing category, the office-supply warehouse, and forever changed the way we shop for office supplies.

With their company, Google, Brin and Page have helped shape the Internet, elevating search to an astounding level and transforming online advertising.

The Spades epitomize the term "Power Couple." Kate's conservativeness and attention to detail creates the products; Andy's vision and curiosity formulates the ideas. Together they have created an unbeatable brand.

Branson is the consummate serial entrepreneur. From his record label to his airline, to pay-as-you go phones and myriad other less publicized businesses, the man leading the Virgin Group can't seem to stop himself.

The Senator from Arizona has promoted courage his entire life -- from his years in Vietnam to his focus on ethics in politics and banning torture. His book Why Courage Matters espouses the need for this rare virtue.

Neeleman's JetBlue took a failing industry and revived it with a strong focus on customer service. And it doesn't hurt that the airline's tickets are priced affordably.

As one of the Silicon Valley originals, Jobs not only spurred a technological revolution by helping popularize personal computers, but his obsessive attention to design and the user experience at Apple has made computing stylish.

Schultz has spread the Starbucks' brand farther than anyone could have imagined, putting it in coffee shops and grocery stores worldwide. In short, he's changed how we approach our morning coffee -- rather, our café lattes.