The Seattle office of Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects is never the same place twice.

OSKA staffers were so enthralled with the shadows sweeping across this central white panel that an in-house photographer created a flip book of the transitions throughout the day.

As soon as this summer, the roof will become a garden, irrigated by wastewater from the skylight's hydraulic system.

The interlocking dials on this hydraulic system are actually a built-in safety: The brushed aluminum disc that allows water to enter the cylinder above must be closed before the other will open.

Architect Tom Kundig works with local fabricator Phil Turner on many of his kinetic architecture projects. This system, with custom brass piping and cylinders, was inspired by a boat lift. At one of OSKA's legendary parties, flamethrowers on the roof lit the space below.

Cubicles are constructed from an industrial-grade plywood, with bolts left exposed. The Chinese-red bank of repurposed shelving is stacked high to conceal a print and production room and a kitchen. Architectural models cover every surface of the office.

Surprisingly, the entry floor and most of the conference-room walls are Masonite (the glossy, weathered finish "is like leather," Kundig gushes). Sheets of 4-foot-by-8-foot Masonite were also cut into 4-inch strips and laminated 92-layers thick to make the countertop at left.