At the Genzyme Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the sunshine is everywhere.

The chandelier's 768 individual glass panels, as well as the clusters of ceiling-mounted circular panels, are designed to disperse glare-free light downward onto work surfaces.

Motorized reflective blinds "shimmy," giving a sense of movement and casting light into informal meeting places.

Genzyme employees like to put their heads together, so the building was designed with 18 gardens, both indoors and out. Trees and other plantings carve off space to offer a sense of privacy.

Seven roof-mounted heliostats redirect light down into the atrium through a skylight. The mirror-based system was designed by Bartenbach LichtLabor, which has proposed a village-sized version for the mountainous town of Rattenberg, Austria, where no sun penetrates for much of the winter.

Remarkably, more than 75% of all the interior spaces have a view to the outside. Here, Cambridge, as seen from the 12th-floor cafeteria.