Subtle changes in your daily routine could point to a bigger health problem. Here are six signs that your job might be wearing you down, and six easy tips for staying healthy -- physically and mentally -- at work.

Some people develop insomnia as a result of stress. Others feel overtired and may get too much shuteye to compensate. Either way, unusual sleep habits -- especially a sudden change -- should send up a red flag.

When you don't give your mind a break from the intensity of work, it can surreptitiously take one for you. If you're constantly checking your latest bid on eBay, it may not be because you really want to win that used guitar. Frequently, it's because your mind is overloaded.

There's a reason it's called junk food. When you're reaching for that bag of Cheetos, or skipping lunch altogether, it's an indication that you're not giving your body the proper consideration.

Stress experts say the true test of kicking a bad habit is whether or not it comes back under stress. So if you're picking up the Marlboros again or having an extra martini or two at happy hour, there may be another culprit -- stress.

This isn't just about forgetting to set the alarm. It's about running away from the things that are causing you stress.

Our bodies have many ways to react to stress. If your desk is littered with empty Advil bottles and Tums wrappers, you could be masking a bigger problem.

Yes, breathing is involuntary. But you'll be surprised at how much better you'll feel when you pause and actually make a conscious effort to do it. Envision your shoulders and back relaxing.

When our methods of coping with stress get overloaded, we have difficulty preventing the causes from spreading. Even if you have to stay a little later, make a point of not bringing work home, or even discussing work, once you've punched out.

Sure, you're busy. But the 10 minutes you spend taking a stroll around the block can help clear your head for the rest of the day -- making you more productive (and less stressed) in the long run.

More importantly, look at it often. There's more to life than work -- and bringing back positive memories, even for just a few seconds, will put you in a better frame of mind.

You should have to-do lists, for both business and pleasure. Listing your work-related tasks and checking them off one by one can give you a sense of completion. And it always helps to have things to look forward to in your personal life -- that summer barbeque, your next vacation, whatever.