"You've got to know your customers. Not just the demographics, but the psychology -- how they think when they're in your store." Read more.

"That's all a lot of what customer experience is. I call it the 'Cheers factor.' People don't have to know your name, but there has to be that connection and recognition of your value as a customer and a person." Read more.

"You expect great service at a great price when you're paying for it, like at a luxury hotel. I discovered a great customer experience in a place where you wouldn't expect it -- at traffic court." Read more.

"Zappos' online shoe sales has an incredible return policy. You can return shoes at any time. It makes you feel so good. It's just a great customer psychic investment." Read more.

"I have a story about good, old-fashioned service. Basics are basics. This was a shopping emergency, and recovery is a big part of service." Read more.

"When a company mishandles something and it recovers with grace, it can create an even more loyal customer." Read more.

"Information is power, my friend: what you shine a flashlight on, understanding what's going on." Read more.

"People have forgotten teeny tiny things that really make the difference. It doesn't take a six-month course in hospitality to do that. You can do it from the goodness of your heart, just by looking for what people need and responding to it." Read more.