Customers First Local Hero: Umpqua Bank

Umpqua Bank

A bank with its own blend of coffee? And its own music download service featuring local artists from its service area of Seattle to Sacramento? This is not your Christmas club savings account/free toaster bank of yore. Of all the changes in retail banking the last number of years, perhaps no bank has pushed the idea of what it means to be a community bank more than Umpqua. Underpinning all the bells and whistles is a rigorous service culture where every branch and each employee gets measured on how well they deliver on what they call "return on quality." So you can expect any employee to help you with what you need. Those music downloads aren’t there to soothe savage customers.


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  • Steven Clark

    My experience is that Umpqua Bank is just another cold corporation that clearly will do whatever the regulators allow them to get away with.