Leadership & Flexibility: What We Can Learn From "The Elevator"

As in leadership, elevators are constantly moving. They remain constant, moving up and down, to transport individuals and items floor to floor. The ride never ends. It goes on and on, up and down, side to side until another person on a different floor pushes the button to call for the elevator. We define "Flexibility and the Elevator" as: 

Moving up is said to be a promotion, a rise in status or success; moving down a loss and sideways a lateral move, status quo. The elevator seems to indicate that you are on the go. You exceed your own expectations when you make wise decisions out of pure determination. Using the elevator as a metaphor offers a significant stimulus for greatness – both personal and professional.  

The framework and paradigm overview herein introduces the concept of "9TH Floor Leadership." This change initiative offers a "sooner than later" parsimonious approach to move into a higher state of leadership for yourself and for those you influence in your current and future environment of practice. 

As the team and I continue to educate the marketplace to become future leaders within their industry, we are constantly seeking new approaches to bring our instruction into the mainstream that influences individuals and organizations to find their voice. As time remains a changing paradigm, the instruments used by leadership types must also remain on a continuum for change and growth.  

This presents a significant potential for increased solutions and practices delivered through this discipline of leadership. Globalization, technological advancement, and several other factors are impacting the way individuals approach transition within their career and personal lives. As facilitators in the study of transformational leadership, organizational behavior, and change, these factors present a solutions-centric model that overcomes the challenges for people to become "LeaderShaped" with flexible mindset’s to keep pace with real-world trends.   

In this text, we examine the variable factors outlined within the discipline and constructs of 9TH Floor Leadership. Known for being a multifaceted and empowering method to use for growing people through change, the elevator effect helps to make difficult decisions less complex. It strengthens a leader’s respective leadership and behavioral acumen through foresight, innovation, and influence. As 9TH Floor Leadership evolves into everyday practice and implementation of future strategy, four stages of development, complimented by a series of core applications, shapes the aforementioned challenges: 

- Delivery of Peak Performance: The Shifting Context – A Mindset of Five

- Development of Significant Influence: Management & Leadership Practices

- Achievement of Lasting Endurance and Linkage of Legacy: Emerging Contradictions

- Your Leadership Signature: The Future Picture 

The underlying factors outline how flexibility on the elevator identifies with ways that people can experience change in their lives. Again, the elevator seems to indicate that you are on the go. People are confronted by a multitude of demands that are very different from the experiences of yesterday: The changing workplace, an exaggerated boom in technology, globalization and socialization, diversity, demand persuasion on contribution, and other challenges.  

This knowledge will be a resource for people as they develop influential practices to address change and future challenges in personal and professional environments. It will serve as criteria for emulation across multi-disciplined sectors including, business, academia, government, social and community (and, let’s not forget the faith-based communities). 

The perceptive observations on the concept of 9TH Floor Leadership and the broader exploration of its four major themes may have far-reaching implications for people around the world. Our findings, we hope, are to be used as a catalyst to transition people into greater paradigms of leadership using trends and ideation to become more competitive and anticipate the possible factors that bear on their ability to acknowledge and sustain growth. 

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You will not be disappointed.

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