Personal Leadership

A blog titled "The Transformational Leadership Edge - Response" from Stacee Amos has gotten me thinking. I agree that people should look to themselves for change and for leadership. But it isn't enough to say that everyone should be a leader and expect people to become one. In my opinion, it is a matter of engagement.

I knew former colleagues who just did not care enough about our product ( and to present an example to others. For someone to lead they need to embrace their work and do everything in their power to not only do good work on something, but to make that something better than everyone expected and to inspire others to go that extra mile, too. The difference is about meeting expectations or surpassing them; reaching the bare minimum or creating something of value.

For someone to be a leader in their own lives, they need to work at something they care about enough to see it succeed no matter the long hours of toil or the eventual migraines.

Would you agree? Or do you have a different point of view on personal leadership?

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  • s. amos

    I definitely agree with the point of engagement. That is key. One must know how to follow before they can lead.
    When you find a dynamic leader who is willing to manage CHANGE, deal with CONFLICT, openly COMMUNICATE at the right times, CONSISTENTLY measuring their results and balancing their CREDIBILITY and CHARACTER with every situation -- then you've found those who lead by example. And frankly, the most dynamic leaders of them all - lead by example. and are wonderful examples of fresh, engaging content that inspires me on a daily basis. I never asked how many nights or days it took to get to this place, but it's obvious the product is an example of the leadership. And I get to benefit from it. FABULOUS.