How are you effectively dealing with a tyrannic, autocratic leader in your organization?

In every organization, it is often inevitable to produce an autocratic leader (manager) who tends to orchestrate everything the way he wants things done. When things go out of their way it's not just him who gets to suffer the mess and the negative consequences. Thus, making you frustrated and unmotivated. 

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  • Merckh Fernandez

    Hi Julie. It was indeed a laudable comment with a valuable suggestion. I will try doing it with my people. Thanks.

  • Julie Grealy

    Control-freak management types are usually borne from a lack of confidence in themselves or in others(even if this is historical rather than current).
    They usually prefer to have everything in writing (so that they can peruse it in their own time, or send it to their own boss as their work), and to feel that they know everything that is going on in an organisation.
    I would strongly advise putting together quick (process-driven) reports each week that highlight what you have been doing along with options to choose from if you need a decision made. Follow this up with a head-in-the-door moment so that they know that verbal communication is still an option.
    This strategy will engender trust, display reliability and with that comes freedom. I wish you luck Merckh, you will be fine.

  • Merckh Fernandez

    Hi Jim. Thanks for the comments. You are exactly right about strong leaders. And those that pretend to be all-knowing, not consultative ones are only showing their subconscious insecurities who lack the natural claps and praises from the people surrounding them. Do you think this is detrimental? I would say, Absolutely!

  • Jim Porteous

    The autocratic manager is not a strong leader. They inhibit staff participation, buy-in and creativity. Without realising it, they are process orientated ALL THE TIME.

    A strong leader has a range of styles they can match to different situations. A strong leader seeks information from staff and subject matter experts before forming (strong) opinions and making decisions. They get to know their people and use styles that motivate their people to higher performance.