Hooray for Blu-ray!

Toshiba threw in the towel today in the next-generation DVD format war, retiring its HD-DVD combatant against the now victorious Blu-ray format from Sony. What's interesting about this news nugget, which we've seen coming for some time, is that news reports are crediting Sony's superior marketing of Blu-ray as a key factor in its winning this battle.

It is a story of computer game consoles, marketing savvy and schmoozing in Los Angeles, as well as Sony's determination not to let history repeat itself, says BBC News.

The reasons behind Blu-ray's triumph over HD DVD are complex, as marketing, management maneuvers and other factors are believed to have played into the shift to Blu-ray's favor that became more decisive during the critical holiday shopping season, says the AP.

The articles cite Sony's deal with studios, its decision to include the Blu-ray player in the PS3 console, and the company learning well from its defeat in the VCR war of the early 1980s. But no one goes beyond that. I'd like to know more about Sony's marketing savvy to win this war. Can anyone provide any additional insight or perspective about how Sony won the war?

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  • Robert Holsberry

    Although this ma come off as somewhat conspiratorial, it is true that Sony's Blu-ray technology allows for stronger Digital Rights Management which would be of greater interest to the Major Studios who lose significant profits to the scurge of piracy... sorry but I just love putting scourge and pirates in the same sentance! Must be too many Saturdays watching B movies as a kid.

  • Brock Stout

    I have a technical question. Why does a blue-ray disc cost 40-50% more than the old DVDs? They content is the same, and that should be most of the cost. Now that Blue-ray has a monopoly, will movie prices go up even more?