Writing code to build cool applications and create slick-user interfaces that enable people to record and listen to podcasts on sites like Odeo is what you'll find the senior interface hacker doing.

Do we need another Paris Hilton channel on YouTube or new category added to Craigslist? That's up to the online consumer marketing manager to decide.

When the folks behind Ourmedia decided to launch a nonprofit, open-source community Web site, where users can publish, store, and share their own video and audio productions, they called in a web hacker to reconfigure an open source content management system -- and the community began creating.

A web-based application like meebo,that lets people sign into all of the instant messaging services simultaneously without requiring them to download any software, is just one of the many forward-thinking tools that a web product demigod will build.

As blogs become increasingly popular with both citizen journalists and traditional media outlets, blogging software such as Moveable Type will become easier to use and contain more features for publishing multimedia content. Expect blog software companies like Six Apart to start recruiting blog software developers soon.

Rolling out a redesign on The New York Times wasn't simply about changing typefaces and colors. The job called for a user experience strategist, who understands customer-centric design that focuses on making a site visit simpler and more useful.

Companies looking to have their Web pages appear in the number one spot on Google or Yahoo's search results pages are counting on the online audience development manager to make it happen.

Wouldn't it be fun to download games, ringtones, and wallpapers all day, and test them out on your mobile phone? That's just the easy aspect of the wireless operations specialist's job. The difficult part is convincing Verizon, T-Mobile, Cingular, and Sprint to feature those downloads on their devices.

How do you turn a large-scale interactive website, such as MapQuest, into an application that can be downloaded to a cell phone? The director of mobility will map out the scope of the project and draw up the product plans that put the business model and technologies into play.