Learn about works of art from Duchamp's Readymades to Bernini's Ecstasy of St. Theresa from art history professors Beth Harris and Steven Zucker. They discuss the history and greater context of various artworks in a series of video and audio podcasts, focusing primarily pieces displayed at New York's MoMA or Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Om Malik, editor of Web Worker Daily and other technology blogs, and Niall Kennedy host this weekly podcast covering topics such as "The Connected Home - are we there yet?" and "Widgets and gadgets and modules…oh my!" that will be of interest to technophiles and web professionals.

Om and Niall PodSessions

Much more than a gadget roundup, this podcast from the BBC discusses the relevance of technologies from World of Warcraft to the hundred dollar laptop, looking at technology from a global perspective.

Digital Planet from BBC News

This podcast is produced in association with the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale Mississippi. Each show includes tracks from rare pre-war blues albums and includes a discussion of the featured songs.

Uncensored Blues

Blogger royalty, Robert Scoble, hosts a video podcast that appeals to the geek market with demos of Web 2.0 products, interviews with tech luminaries like Bill Gates, and analysis of the role of citizen journalism.


This podcast from the Harvard Business Review shares ideas and commentary from leading thinkers in business and management. Topics discussed include strategic innovation, decision-making, and managing customer loyalty.

HBR IdeaCast

Stay aware of the latest efforts to combat global humanitarian crises. This monthly podcast includes news and emergency updates from Doctor's without Borders' projects around the world.

MSF Frontline Reports

From the iPhone to the China Bubble, this podcast analyzes current business trends through interviews with industry leaders and Wharton faculty.


Join personal chef Mark C. Tafoya as he interviews chefs, food writers, and gourmets. He also visits restaurants and shares recipes. You will get hungry listening!

ReMARKable Palate

Tom Raftery, an IT consultant and blogger, interviews a veritable who's who in technology and social media.


John Jantsch, blogger and author of Duct Tape Marketing - The World's Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide, offers a podcast where he discusses innovative promotional strategies with other marketing experts.

Duct Tape Marketing

The Royal Ontario Museum of Toronto, Canada, offers a podcast that highlights museum artifacts and expertise of museum staff. Previous podcasts include curator Burton Lim describing a day of fieldwork in China and gemologist Katherine Dunnell providing an overview of sapphires, and explaining the allure of rubies.

ROM Media