It takes a creative soul with an endless amount of determination and innovation to thrive in these fields. This year, Fast Company salutes its readers who brave the challenge of the "what if" with the list of top professions destined for success in 2007.

These retail industry pros create the essence and aura of a store. Experience designers go beyond the look of a place, creating a unique experience in which shoppers can immerse themselves. The shops created by an experience designer are often considered works of art -- mini universes unto themselves.

Researchers of cancer, Alzheimers, and the developers of prosthetics are the most coveted titles in the healthcare industry. With the aging baby boomer population, finding cures and treatment plans is both paramount and profitable.

According to, web design is only in its adolescent phase, and 2007 is expected to usher in new era of web development. charts a 26 percent growth rate in this field for the past year, which will continue to blossom for the coming year. reports that individuals in the protective services industry can expect a rise in demand and salary in 2007. Advances in Vegas casino-like security systems and satellite maps are helping to wire the world for defense. From sonar imaging to keystroke identification, keeping our country and our world safer has never been more profitable or more more high-tech.

From the Hong Kong International Airport Residential Tower to suburban "McMansion" sprawl, individuals in residential planning and development can expect a lot of work in the coming year. Urban Planners must meet the demand for real estate that's both decadent and practical.

Not to be confused with someone in advertising or public relations, a viral marketer knows how to build an audience from nothing with little more than rumor and excitement. Viral Marketers begin "contagious" campaigns that spread largely through word of mouth and the Internet.

As fame and fortune grows for performers and athletes, a new arena opens for their managers, promoters and general go-to guys. Although these titles may speak for themselves, duties for those fortunate enough to get close to the stars often include things like latte retrieval and limo reservations.

Trend forecasters predict that 2007 could be a make-or-break year for the retail industry, specifically the department store. Buyers and purchasing agents are in charge of store inventory and make decisions on item color, size, and quantity. These jobs are often hard to come by and can be very lucrative if store profitability increases.

Now perceived as the ultimate career for inspired artists with an affinity for pop culture, art directors, set directors, and stage production directors clamor for the top positions that call for hands-on creative genius with a couture designer's eye.

Publications with an online division often hire three levels of correspondents: print news writers, online news writers, and bloggers. Although most personal blogs aren't profitable enough to stand alone as businesses, writers can use their increasing popularity as another gateway for their voices to be heard.