What started as a simple message board for scorned women has grown into a full-blown social networking site -- offering everything from love advice to DDHG merchandise. Bad boyfriends and husbands beware!


Breaking up is hard to do, but this site makes it easy as pie. Get someone else to do your dirty work by writing a break up email for you. Simply enter your soon to be former sweetheart's name, answer a few basic questions, click a button and voila! Your break up email has been sent.


Want to announce your breakup to the world? Then this is the site for you. While you’re here, get the latest dish on celebrity breakups and troll the site for your rebound date.


For whatever reason, the engagement is off. But what do you do with that unwanted ring? Auction it off to the highest bidder and celebrate your single status with a wad of cash.


In the aftermath of a breakup, you might find yourself obsessing over every little detail of the relationship. These sites give you the space to grieve with dignity and even have a nifty workbook filled with exercises designed to help get back in the dating saddle.


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