CNN/YouTube Debate: First "Third Person" Violation of the Night

Joe Biden, in a question about bi-partisan along-getting and theoretical Republican running mates, chooses Chuck Hagel as his symbolic Republican VP. He then reminds us in the ill-advised third person that Joe Biden was responsible for many great bi-partisan things. Other candidates wisely dodge the question, thereby throwing Joe Biden under the Joe Biden express.

Oooo — Obama takes on the race card by complaining about not being able to get a cab in New York. The house party, all white New Yorkers, (not that I see race) chuckles appreciatively. Obama looks appropriately annoyed for being asked, once again, if he was black enough yet.

Hillary Clinton openly acknowledges being a woman, and manages to avoid looking annoyed at being asked if she were woman enough to do a man's job.

John Edwards doesn't want the vote of anyone who wouldn't vote for someone based on race or gender. The house party wrinkled their collective noses — nice, but cheesy — is the call.

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