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Green v. Green

Get ready: The green-web-portal wars are set to begin!

In this corner, from Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, it's Sprig! It's an "online publication for the smart, sophisticated, and eco-conscious woman. As green moves into the mainstream, Sprig [run by former Newsweek editor Mark Whittaker] answers the consumer demand for eco-friendly choices without sacrifice, offering fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food and home trends, profiles and news with a touch of 'green.' "

And in…the other corner, not quite here yet, we present Blue Egg! We’re told that Blue Egg’s first site, a directory for green building professionals indexed by specialty and region, is coming in mere months. But there's more. "We at Blue Egg [whose staff includes former FCers Cheryl Dahle and Alyssa Danigelis] are scrambling to compile the best information we can find about living more sustainably. We strive to present solutions that are clear and practical, without ducking the tradeoffs to consider—and without instilling guilt!"

The language from both start-ups is telling. "Eco-friendly choices without sacrifice." "Solutions…without instilling guilt." Those are the words of a niche market desperately trying to become mainstream. These sites—and probably others yet to appear—aim to take green clothes, green food, green building out of the realm of the "environmental wackos" (Limbaugh’s line, not mine). They want to get inside the heads, and the purses, of regular people who want to do the right thing, but don’t fancy themselves, you know, wingnuts.

It's a great concept, and the time seems right. I don't know if these two sites will pull it off—but someone surely will.

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  • brady

    I'm delighted that consumers are being educated about the unsustainable practices of the current paradigm.

    There are a couple other "green portals" that have already been out there for a while. Try (you'll love this one j614) and

  • j614

    all this green eco garb makes me wanna hurl my veggie burger onto my stiff 100% recycled paper napkin. can we pick another color to talk about? how about purple?