Ideas that Change the World

Remember being a kid and wishing that you could change the world or solve world-hunger? Well, there are adults out there who still believe it is possible and who get together to make it happen in the form of Pop!Tech.

Pop!Tech is a non-profit organization that believes in progress, even if that progress is made by a small group of people one baby step at a time. For the last decade, the company has been holding its annual conference in Camden, Maine where change-agents from all over the world gather in a non-formal setting to make the world a better place. You can get the inside scoop on Pop!Tech 2006 right here at Fast Company.

But if that is just not enough, you can check out a new series of podcasts by Pop!Tech called Pop!Casts, showcasing the great minds of last year's conference.

**Fast Company is a media partner of Pop!Tech

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  • jessica

    i want to change the world by not hunting and being crule to animals i find that wrong.another thing is no drugs or smoeking i hate it when people drink bad things and smoke and also being crule to pore animals.

  • Jon Aston

    Looks like TED (and BMW) attracted some competition. Think Pop!Tech has alot of ground to make up at this point.