Agents to the All-Stars

It's not uncommon to draw parallels between the worlds of professional sports and business. Business leaders, like athletes, work with coaches. Statistics can make or break an organization.

And now... athletes are making their way into the world of entertainment. It's nothing new that athletes are endorsing products and services. (George Forman, anyone?) And it's no big deal that athletes work with agents.

But it's interesting to note that athletes are beginning to align themselves with the kinds of agents who work with Hollywood superstars and other celebrities. The Creative Artists Agency has built a once-boutique side business — CAA Sports — into an entertainment industry heavyweight.

What do you think that means for the world of sports? The world of entertainment? Soon, every athlete might be able to spend it like Beckham.

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  • Moe Abdou

    Why not Heath? Great Athletes has tremendous mindshare and the world is enamored with superstars. Great agents recognize that and realize that they have a small window of time to take advantage of that star power. It'd be interesting to see what happens to Zack Johnson after winning the Masters. Jim Nantz mentioned to him during the Green Jacket presentation that "Your entire life has just change.." yet, Zach didn't really know what to expect. just think what would happen if he won another major this year; he's a class act and his starpower should skyrocket.

  • Lilian Mahoukou

    As names like Beckham, Foreman or Jordan are popular, we must think in terms of branding. Tom Peters wrote it, it's a world of "free agents".

    Then, to make decisions, they need a coach that will bring a clearer view of the opportunities. The coach is more focused on the strategic side of the business.

    If your name is like a brand, you sell an image and your audience has a perception of you.

    Here are 5 important questions :

    1. Why going from sport to entertainment ?

    2. Does your image is relevant to your potential audience? (pros and cons)

    3. What will be your message? What's the new thing that you're going to bring and what might make you unique ?

    4. What is your plan to achieve your goal?

    5. Which connections will you make with other professionnals ?

    To conclude, I think sport is entertainment. The best athletes are like artists, we just like to see them performing. It can be a reason why so many of them manage to succeed in entertainment.