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Eye on Corporate Design

A Website About Corporate Identity is a Dutch project that addresses the "visual representation of an organization, including its logo, design, typefaces and colours, as well as its philosophy" and offers a number of related resources.

Of special interest is the Corporate Identity Catalogue, which features brief design snapshots of the logos of hundreds of companies and organizations. Each entry details information such as who designed the logo, what typeface it uses, reference colors, and the like. While it'd be great if it were easier to see the collection of logos at a glance, this is worth some time — and at least a dozen clicks.

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  • Heath Row

    Perhaps people missed the directory of corporate logos -- yes, it requires some reading to see what links to where. Here's a direct link.

  • Jonathan

    I liked the post. Definately worth a dozen or more clicks. Short information on the who, what and when behind these identities.

  • Henry Paisley

    It strikes me that many corporates spend indecently large sums on logos, corporate identity consultants and the like. This "vapourware" does nothing to make safer, cheaper, greener products. Whatever the merits or otherwise of the book being plugged, I would suggest the whole field is a monumental waste of time and money.

  • David Kutcher

    This linked "story" is a waste of time. It's nothing more than a ploy to sell the book on Amazon, and little more than a coffee-table book consisting of screen grabs.

  • Will Evans

    After reviewing the aforementioned site - the first word to come to mind is "sparse." Which at least is not as pejorative as "vapid," but no less applicable. The taxonomy is so well hidden as to be unusable. There is no visual feedback that each paragraph is in fact a link to a long list of sites. There is no explanation as to why the links are included, and what their value is. There is no commentary or description about what is good/bad/ugly about each reference. In short - a waste of time.