Mobile Homing Signal

I wouldn't say that I've lost a lot of sleep over it, but it still kind of boggles my mind that Warren Buffett owns a mobile home company. In my mind, stereotypes admitted, mobile homes are all about the downtrodden, tornadoes, the Trailer Park Boys, and perhaps even The Last Starfighter — not a man who's arguably the world's greatest investor.

The real estate market is in the news quite regularly these days. It's up, it's down, it's bouncing back, it never went away. And this week, Advertising Age takes a look at the state of the mobile home market. (Subscription may be required.)

The industry as a whole is going through some changes, and compared to when Fast Company first covered Buffett's acquisition, unit sales of mobile homes are up 10 percent. More interesting, however, are the stats that litter the AdAge piece. For example: about 20% of households living outside of urban areas live in mobile homes.

Oh, so? I'm not sure what to do with that information, but it's fascinating.

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  • Abel Lenz

    Perhaps Mr Buffet is betting on global warming producing more erratic weather which will drive demand for new mobile homes to replace existing fixed and mobile homes damaged by flooding and wind.

  • Jeff N

    Interesting stuff... but in hindsight its a smart investment (which is something that most people... myself included preobably fund themselves saying when looking at Buffet's decisions). Given the growing chasm between the haves and have nots is a more consistant growing trend over even the real estate market it seems that Buffet has scooped us again.

  • Sean

    You're using the phrase Mobile Home to generate a stigma against aluminum-sides nearly-RV like structures.

    Clayton Homes creates Manufactured Housing. Which can be considere teh same thing. All it truly means, though, is that the house is not built on-site.

    Have you seen manufactured homes lately? They are the darlings of the retired set in Arizona, Araknsas, Florida, etcetcetc. So stop editorializing and do a little research.

  • roger fulton

    how elitist of you...I'll wager you're the first to complain when the polo pony feed rises faster than the cpi. How much does your butler make??

    Roger Fulton
    Yuma, Az