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You can now adorn Kleenex boxes with photos of your loved ones. What's next: personalized toilet paper?

A lot of consumer-generated media is disposable, but this takes the cake. Good idea? Bad idea? Discuss.

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  • Shawn from Boston

    Customized toilet paper huh? That's not a bad idea...I mean I'm happy as long as it is quintuple-ply. Thank you.

  • Somebody

    Better idea: Make a re-usable, more durable cover for a Kleenex box that you can put photos in, or even custom print. That beats those crocheted covers, and it's not disposable.

  • steve m

    there are a lot of grandparents out there, so if you think those are the only folks who'll buy this, well thats a lot of folks, thus not a bad idea.

  • kent

    The only people I can see being attracted to this would be the grandparents who can adorn their home with their grandchildren in yet one more way. The down side is thatthey will never throw the old boxes away and after a few years where do you store them? Or do you fine a way to refill them?

  • memamc

    the reason anyone finds this appealing? because the tissue boxes on the market now are so freakin ugly. it's impossible to get a plain, decent looking tissue box that doesn't have a hideous monet-ripoff watercolor, country kitsch theme with faux stitching, etc. I'm tempted to use this to just buy a plain, solid box!

  • joshua

    It's not for me, but I don't know if it's so bad an idea. Think about the target. Look on the desk of the oldest person in your company. See a box of Kleenex? What about next to you mom's favorite chair?

    It's my experience that people of a certain age just have boxes of Kleenex sitting around. So why not personalize them? People used to make those freakin' crocheted covers, this is just a new millennium way to pimp your snot rag.

    But I don't think it's about blowing your nose. It's about all the times peolpe end up seeing their Kleenex box because they are out in the open. It won't sweep the nation, but it might just work.

  • brian r

    Great idea. What better way to let your loved ones know that they're disposable?

  • Marilee Veniegas

    Yeah, I'll file that under bad idea too. It's also about approach. One company that does have "personalization" as an aspect to its marketing and does it well is Jones Soda.

  • Gman

    Bad idea, $8.00 for a box of tissue, and still, what to do with the photo's after the box is empty.