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Social Networking Evades Schools

A recent survey from the National School Boards Association found that most schools don't have policies regarding the use of social networking sites.

Prior to the association's annual Technology + Learning conference, an e-mail survey revealed that 35% of respondents had a policy in place, 50% did not, and 15% didn't know. Most of the respondents who said they had a policy in place, reported that the most common approach was use of a firewall or filtering software to block student access to such sites as MySpace and YouTube while at school. Very few responses included teaching students about responsible use of online social networks, according to the survey.

NSBA's executive director, Anne Bryant, noted:

"It is important to keep in mind that just blocking access to social web sites at school is not the end of the story. Most of the misuse of these sites takes place at home, but still affects the classroom. We have to teach our students about the safe and proper use of social web sites."

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  • J. Stanuszek

    Seems the Board missed the mark. Isn't the very natural offspring to school a social network. Shouldn't matter whether it's electronic or some other form.

    I agree with Leif's comment that the better course of action would be to "learn" how to utilize effectively the extension that a world wide social network might offer while providing a balance context with which to use it.

  • Leif Harboe

    I would rather make the schools see how they could benefit from Youtube and similare "spaces" than block them. This is great for publish and share multimedia made in school.