The Future of Work

The future of work could become child's play, says Innovation RC Columnist Richard Watson in his latest column, "The Future of Work." He continues:

"People divide their lives into work and play. But a clever few realize that if you pick the right work it ceases to be work and becomes play. The trick is finding something that you are passionate about and then devoting your life to it. This won't necessarily make you a fortune but it will make you happy. It may also turn you into a successful innovator, because playfulness is an essential prerequisite for invention."

Read more of Watson's latest column.

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  • Federico

    Hey I'm writing from Italy. I'm running a little business online: I sell homemade apple strudel on the internet! Just send to Italy ( I've built this because I'm very passionate both about internet and food and I have very good online marketing skills. The point is you're right, work has to be turned into play... But that's also really difficult, because it's like change the direction when you're sailing, there is a moment when the wind stops pushing you forward. It is difficult to switch form one job to another one if you don't have the wind (=money, and so on) pushing you from back.
    Good luck, buona fortuna!
    Thanks for your post!