MySpace, MyResume?

With the increasing use of blogs and social network services such as MySpace, it's more true than ever that you are your references.

In the past, human resource professionals might Google potential employees as a spot check. Now, employers are using services like MySpace to find — and hire — new employees.

Do you have a MySpace profile? Do you use it for work — or keep that in mind? Has your company turned to MySpace or anything similar in terms of tracking down and attracting talent?

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  • Nick Roy

    Blogs have been the great revolution for those that want to express themselves. Students who are majoring in journalism can start a blog, go out and find stories, and write and publish those stories in their blog. Those same students can then monetize their blogs with ads, generating some income.

    Where people should be careful about what they post, it is worth noting here that employers need to be reminded that employment MUST be JOB RELATED. So a person puts up some racey photos of themselves. An employer must remember that this is there personal life and what they do in their personal life is their business.

    This is a free country. We are all free to be idiots and post idiotic stuff. However, employers MUST not cross that line to try and control their prospective employees personal life.