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This morning at Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference, Steve Jobs announced the Mac Pro, the latest iteration of Apple's high-end desktop. This ending the company's transition from IBM PowerPC chips to Intel processors. In the tradition of past Apple announcements, the Mac Pro is available to buy today.

Jobs also took the time to criticize Microsoft's Windows Vista, saying it took the company five years to create something that copies the innovation in Apple's OS X, including its search function Spotlight, and iCal, a calendar program in the OS. And in a display of gonzo competition, Apple ran a demo of the new version of its OS, named Leopard. Highlights include improved versions of Spotlight, the Dashboard, the Mail program, iCal and iChat, and Time Machine which lets you recall old versions of any file, as well as Core animation which enhances the visuals of the entire OS and Mac applications. It will be released in the spring.

While Apple's Mac computers are enjoying success, shipping 1.33 million Macs in the last quarter according to Jobs, the Mac is still an underdog fighting Windows machines. You have to wonder what Bill Gates et al think of Apple's comments on Microsoft stealing from Apple's OS and what they think about the coming release of Leopard—espcially after the oft-delayed Windows Vista.

How would you react if you ran Microsoft?

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  • roger fulton

    yadda yadda...I've never heard anyone argue about the merits of Fords over Cads, either. People will buy PC's over Macs because each fulfills NEEDS, or personal preferences. Zip in your favorite blades and the doggie does personalized tricks for you. Simple as that.
    So much for the bark-bark.

    Roger Fulton
    Yuma, Az

  • Mike

    Microsoft is the General Motors of PC's
    Apple is the Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Benz doesn't have nearly the market share of GM, but never-the-less makes exceptional automobiles and is still highly profitable

  • Brandon

    I wouldn't react. Microsoft owns the OS market. By reacting to S. Jobs comments would give Steve what he wants, PR. Businesses aren't going to switch to Mac anytime soon. No worries on MS's part, but they do need to get their house in order.

  • George

    How would you react if you ran Microsoft?

    By getting my act in order and quickly.