Weekend Watching

Tonight I'm parting with 10 bucks to catch Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby, Will Ferrell's NASCAR parody. In mocking the NASCAR industry, the film also pokes fun at its corporate sponsorships — but not at the expense of such sponsors. In fact the movie is being touted as the best example of product placement and brand integration in a film — ever.

From what I've seen on billboards, the Web, and in Ferrell's TV appearances and film previews, I'm thinking it just might be a little brand overkill — but I'm not committed to that opinion just yet.

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  • Scott Teger

    Yeah, if it wasn't a comedy, i think it would be overkill, but the fact that its a borderline joke how integrated the brands are into racing, they kind of get away with it! Would be much more of a challenge to get Nicholas Cage to wear a Wonder Bread jumpsuit in "World Trade Center" without it looking like overkill :)

  • Owen Lystrup

    Because there are so many brands, is it actually poking fun? If it is, does it actually count since they will be getting so much money from advertising?