10 Ways to Rethink Your Work

Getty Images has an interesting project in which they worked with five collaborators to consider 10 Ways — how 10 different approaches to photography can change how you look at images.

As I explored the different elements, which include light, information, memory, space, response, emotion, color, truth, time, and transformation, I was struck by how each of them can also have impact on how we do what we do, with whom, and why.

When you have some time, consider clicking through the 10 Ways yourself. And think about how each plays a role in your work — and in your business. Which one do you think is most important?

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  • Andre Blackman

    Excellent stuff - one of the things I love about Fast Company and their writers : fresh and interesting ideas/thoughts

    Perfect for me as a young professional right out of college

  • Wayne Turmel

    Terrific article as always. Reinventing yourself and work as a personal journey is a reason I've been reading FC for years- even when you inspired my boss to have me spend 5 months looking for a purple cow...but I forgive you.

    This search for meaning and new ways of looking at the world is also why my podcast, The Cranky Middle Manager Show (http://cmm.thepodcastnetwork.c...) has thousands of listeners around the world. There are a lot of us looking for more than the usual blah blah blah. You're maybe less cranky than I am about it but keep up the good work.

  • Jinal Shah

    hey Heath- wasn't sure what the best way to reach you was, but this is something that may interest you.

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    infact, one such youth produced show just won an emmy.

    do check out the site -- you may want to share it with your readers!

  • Monica Powers

    The tenet of truth reinforces the Fast Company principle that work is personal and it matters. Staying true (to who we are) in work and life frees us up to do better work and find greater satisfaction in the process. As a daily struggle, this commitment to truth in our careers is not the easiest way to live, but it has a huge payoff nonetheless.

  • ann michael

    Heath - I love your idea of applying this to how we conduct ourselves. I do a blog on change and I think I'm going to have to borrow (with credit, of course) this great idea!!!! What I find is that one's ability to change (themselves and their environment) is tied to their ability to view things from various perspectives, empathize, and realign old ideas in new ways. This is a GREAT exercise to help strengthen those abilities.

  • Anthony Citrano

    Heath -

    As an occasional photographer, I am in your debt for this find... I love it..