Best Brands in the Land

According to a survey recently conducted by City Business Journals Network and Russell Marketing Research, the 10 brands best-known by American CEOs are as follows:

  • UPS
  • Dell
  • Microsoft
  • Sony
  • Sam's Club
  • Southwest Airlines
  • QuickBooks
  • Costco Wholesale
  • FedEx
  • Best Buy

Which company do you think is best — which brand is strongest?

[Via IT Facts]

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  • Rick Turoczy

    I think some of the confusion is coming from a disconnect between the headline ("CEO survey names UPS America's top brand") and the actual content ("Brands included in the survey came from a spectrum of industries including business services, financial and insurance services, travel, technology, telecommunications and retail.")

    It wasn't a "name the top 10 US brands" survey. If you were to do that, you would only get 8-9 consistent answers. Every CEO is going to name his/her own company as one of the 10 and, likely, downplay any direct competitor as "not one of the top 10."

  • Marv

    As a list of brands given by CEOs I don't think this one has any surprises. A survey asking kids about brands would likely include Disney. Teens would likely include Coca-Cola. For CEOs to omit these? I'm not surprised.

  • Heath Row

    Don't apologize. Your point was well taken. And I hope the discussion continues!

  • Mitch

    Heath.. I agree that the question I raised would be more appropriately targeted to the groups doing the researchy.. the City Business Journals Network.. and Russell Marking Research.. Indirectly, I think it is a question for you as well.. posting to your blog "implies" some acceptance of the results. I am guessing your intention was neither to accept or discount these findings, but just get the dialog going.. I would suspect there are some readers who will take these results to be fact.. when in truth, we have no way of knowing. Fact is in now case an opinion.. proper sampling research can produce factual statments.. the question continues to be.. was this a sound research sampling.. done with clarity and reported with accuracy.. ok.. I sorry. .I am ranting like a crazed.... sorry ..

  • Heath Row

    Mitch, that sounds like a question for the City Business Journals Network and Russell Marketing Research -- which conducted the survey. My blog entry merely raised their results, which I also found interesting (QuickBooks?), for discussion.

  • Jason Hertenstein

    Given the right questions and polling the right people...

    I, personally, could have made the top 10 list of “Best Brands in the Land.”

    So, “Fact”, in this case, is one person’s personal opinion.

    I’d suggest that we accept the list... and go about our lives.

  • Mitch

    This one is suspect.. It would be useful to know their sampling method.. or the exact questions used? Fast Company should not be publishing such articles unless they have done a sound job of verifying the methods used by the author...

  • gilbert jimenez

    Coca-Cola is the best known brand in the world! What happened to the U.S.?

  • John Pierce

    Hard to believe that Disney didnt make this list. Was this list compiled by sleeping CEO's??

  • Doug Zanger

    Sam's Club and QuickBooks? But no Nike? No Visa? No McDonald's?

    That's odd.