Not only has Starbucks moved into the music and movie businesses, it will soon step into the world of publishing, as well — at least in terms of selling books in its shops.

This move makes sense — much more than Starbucks promotion of the movie "Akeelah and the Bee." You can at least read and listen to music while drinking your grande latte. And if the book recommendations are as on the mark as Starbucks' music selections, it could offer a nice retail uptick for publishers.

Will Howard Schultz become the next Oprah?

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  • roger fulton

    don't you feel you are being "marketed-to-death?"
    Not to be cynical, but I wonder how Jesus would do a re-entry into this pitifully manipulated society? BBD&O?
    The next Oprah...gimmie a break, the world can only stand one super Messianic complex at a time.

  • Micah Christensen

    I wonder what kinds of books will be sold there--if they will just be popular, well-known authors or if Starbucks will use its influence to make new books and authors popular.

    Oprah seems to have backed away from bringing attention to new authors. (I guess there were too many risks involved.)

    In selling CDs, I've mostly seen Starbucks sell the albums of established artists (e.g. Norah Jones, Ray Charles, Alanis, Morissette). However, I also discovered a new artists' debut album there that has become one of my favorites: Raul Midon.

    If anyone at Starbucks is reading this, I would like to be surprised by what I see when I get my latte.

  • Andrea Mall

    Starbucks used to sell books at one point in time back in the 90's. It was enjoyable.

    Many people said that Starbucks was a fad. I've found it to be a societal fixture.

  • William Arruda

    This is the perfect brand extension for a company with the aspiration of being the 'third place' (home, work and Starbucks). Stay tuned. I am sure there will be a lot more interesting enhancements to Starbucks.

    (I write this from my third place - Starbucks on 19th and 7th Ave in NY - one of 155 Starbucks in New York!)

  • Triin Tammearu

    Actually, this idea has been around in Worcester, MA for at least 20 years. it's called Tatnuck Bookseller ( The difference is that first there was the book store at Tatnuck, and then came the cafe-restaurant-bar. It's always been one of my favorite places in Worcester.

    Of course, Starbucks will be taking the idea worldwide, which is cool, too. And the atmosphere will be somewhat different. Oh,'ve gotta give a bit somewhere in order to gain elsewhere.

  • Blaze

    Great idea, they can really capitalise on this. I think in the future some people will actually live eat and sleep in Starbucks ;)