Blak or Blech?

I stepped off the subway last week and up the stairs, only to be assaulted by my familiar group of free-paper hawkers, Falun Gong supporters and lunch menu litterers. I didn't give any of them a second look, but then, suddenly, I saw a new addition to the fray; a bright-faced young slacker handing out ice-cold bottles of a mysterious concoction called Blak.

Coca-Cola's newest offering, it's a dark and weird brew of Coke and coffee, a sort of frappucino on steroids. Because it was being handed out at 9 a.m., I assumed it was meant to be a breakfast drink, an attempted direct slap at Starbucks. So though I'd already had my cuppa Joe for the day, I cracked it open. One chug was enough for me—though I love both Coke and coffee, the combination was so sticky-sweet as to make me shudder.

I looked at the label again. Is that strange accent over the "a" meant to imply that the drink could easily be mispronounced Blake instead of Black? Or, if others respond the way I did, will they call it "Blech," signaling the start of a marketing campaign fated for the blooper roll?

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  • Sue

    My coffee-addicted self was thrilled to find the Coke Blak after returning from Europe -- they were hyping it big-time over there and I never got a chance to try one. When I finally did try it, though, WHAT a disappointment -- it tasted like a flat Coke that someone had run through a coffeemaker full of used grounds. Ugh! I agree, Coke really missed the boat on this one.

  • adguy

    that "wierd accent" is the coke wave, not the end of the c's and not an accent... the wave is in the little bean logo as well. you guys have SEEN a coke before, right?

  • Austin

    I think it is great. It is WAY over priced, but at only 45 calories for 8oz, I'd drink it often if I could get it for $.75 instead of $2.

  • Snake

    Server: would you like cream or sugar in your coffee?
    Me: no, Coke.
    Server: #$&*^ 5$*$%^@ %^%$ (*)(*)

  • Jeff Kight

    Why would I spread the word?

    The Blak web site offers me the opportunity to tell my friends about Blak. It also allows me to be 'In The Know" by watching their TV commercial on the site. I find neither compelling.

    Cokes attempt to generate a cult following by creating the illusion that I'm Out if I don’t get excited misses the mark completely.

    I love coffee. Why would I ruin it by adding Coke to it?

    I wonder, will we be saying "Oh yea, that coffee drink Coke had a few years ago." when we miss the trivia question.

  • Luke Blackman

    The website was surprisingly uninformative, and left me uninspired to help them "Spread the Word". Makes it harder that I doubt most people will even be able to pronounce the name anyway.