Rest in Peace

Bernard Lacoste, the fashion entrepreneur who revitalized the Lacoste brand starting in the '60s, died Tuesday.

By licensing the easily recognizable alligator logo, Lacoste was able to spread his company's brand far and wide, introduce Lacoste to non-tennis players, and closely focus the company's business development efforts.

How recognizable is your brand or logo? (Not that they're interchangeable...)

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  • Mark Alan Effinger

    Ahh, I remember the alligator well. As a tennis player in the 70's, Lacoste meant Rod Laver, and was right up there with Fila and Tachini.

    As for brands: it's an interesting conundrum, especially in the internet age. As you spin up new technologies and new web sites, do you keep a standardized brand, or roll-out new brands that are more specific to the service. is addressing that very issue today. With 6 technologies under one roof, does it make sense to create another URL that has PRWeb in it, or maybe create a new brand, and allow the marketing to connect the dots for the consumer.

    We'll see. Anybody else running into this challenge? Let's talk.

    best regards,
    Mark Alan Effinger
    RichContent Innovation Software