On-the-Clock Off Sites?

In today's Wall Street Journal, there's an interesting look at how some leaders are turning to a non-traditional outlet for finding corporate creativity: the artist's colony or retreat. (Online subscription required.)

Focusing primarily on MacDowell Colony, the piece considers how an unconventional setting, reduced distractions, and interdisciplinary exchanges can help increase and improve innovation.

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  • Tim Reid

    Unfortunatley I couldn't access the WSJ article, however I understand the gist of what it must say. For years I have shivered each tiome I new I was to attend an innovation session, or any other session for that matter at a swanky hotel. All I could think of was the chilled water and mints that would abound on every table.

    More comapnies need to be brave (well it's hardly brave) and consider running such sessions at more interesting locations. Venues that will encourage creative thought, foster open minds and generally take people out of the dull corporate zone into a place that demands fresh, new thinking. Afterall, it's within us all, that need to float ideas, share our thinking and be successful. It sometimes just needs the right place to shine.

    Cheers for now...TIM REID