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How Do You Like Them Apples?

NextWorth, an eBay store, is making a big move in used iPods. They will buy your iPod off of you to sell on eBay. While you may make more auctioning it yourself, for those people who do not have the time nor want to take the trouble it may be a great alternative.

With Apple's quick product cycle these days, such a venture is ripe to succeed. Apple just announced a 1GB version of the nano ($149), and a reduction in price for both models of the iPod Shuffle ($69 for 512 MB and $99 for 1 GB). This seems to indicate a move toward phasing out the Shuffle all together. Will those who have a shuffle migrate to the nano? Such migrations happen with every new model. I have one co-worker who bought the nano when it was first released and felt buyer's remorse when the video iPod hit the streets. And several people I know gave away their old iPods to buy newer ones. At least now NextWorth is giving such fans a way to upgrade without hurting their wallet as much.

And with Apple pushing for iTunes to hit 1 Billion songs, it needs to keep its existing fan-base happy, let alone appealing to new users.

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  • Roger Fulton

    Dear Nano-heads, can't believe it. Altho I caved to the knit-picky need for a 20th century nerdly need for a computer, hence the tech-note, I did manage to dodge the need for a whole avalanche of techno-whims - aka IPODS. Never had one, never touched one, don't even know what one looks like. As a result, eat longer, more relaxed dinners, never "text-msg'd" anyone, blood pressure is lower, etc, etc. So far, managed to stay away from Blue tooths, blackberries (???), and electric tooth brushes. Ah, life in the fast lane!

  • Kevin Ohannessian

    I too saw that NextWorth has yet to begin offering these used iPods on their eBay store.

    Either they are stockpiling for a major roll out of simultaneous auctions, or they are getting few takers on this service. I suppose we can all judge for ourselves in a week or two.

    And thanks to the linguist.

  • pseudo-Linguist

    The above article is actually quite professionally written. In the US, "buy something off of you" is a colloquial expression meaning "to buy something from you". The use of colloquial expressions in high school English essays may be irksome to your teacher, but in the real world, such phrases can improve the readability of an article. It causes a juxtaposition between the content and style and may surprise your reader. If you follow all the rules your high school English teacher laid out for you, the result will be nothing more than an insipid piece of writing. There is a lot of bad writing on the internet, but this is not an example of that. Dear writer: nice job "dude"!

  • Margaret

    I didn't read this article past the inarticulate suggestion that this store would buy something "off of" me. I presume you meant "from". I didn't read the article because I'm not interested in what illiterates have to say about anything.

  • John

    iPods are no different that anything else that is sold on eBay used. You can still buy the original Palm Pilots on eBay. It is that used marketplace that helps drive things along. People would be hesitant to buy the latest and greatest without having a place to dispose of the "old" unit - not to mention easing the financial aspects along as well. Personally - if I can sell the old one on ebay and it only costs me shipping then I declare a victory and quickly purchase the next one with all the accessories in existence!

  • Montana

    I just read a great book FutureShop that discusses this whole concept from the perspective of online auctions. The author, Daniel Nissanoff, says that as the online auction culture grows people will see objects as temporary. With quick product cycles, such as Apple's, online auctions encourage consumers to buy the latest version of a product b/c when the new one comes out they can turn around and sell their old iPod (or whatever) on eBay.