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Wear Apparent

Meanwhile, in the world of fashion, I learned of two notable successions of sorts. At Gucci, Tom Ford has been replaced by a "young handbag designer." (Online subscription required.) And Karl Lagerfeld is stepping back to let a team of employees design his new line.

Risk? Reward? Both exist.

The Wall Street Journal characterizes Frida Giannini, Ford's successor at Gucci, as someone who "hasn't run a menswear group" and "hasn't proven herself as a women's clothing designer." Huh. Meanwhile, why is Lagerfeld taking a role on the sidelines at what might be the very peak of his popularity?

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  • Nick Roy

    Sounds like he wants to take on more of a mentoring role in his golden years, thus allowing budding new talent to learn from an expert.

  • marcy

    I would guess because his new line is the "affordably priced" version, he doesn't feel as invested.