Googly Eyes

Looks like Google is getting serious about video. The Wall Street Journal reports that the company will announce a major upgrade to Google Video that will allow users to pay for video downloads, including episodes of television shows. Sound familiar? With Google taking on Apple's iTunes video offerings in this way, 2006 could be the year viewers truly gain control over television. We'll know better tomorrow, when Google co-founder Larry Page delivers a keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Google isn't just gunning for Apple, though. It will apparently also announce Google Pack, a software bundle that will continue Google's assault on Microsoft's software business. And with rumors about a Google PC and speculation that the company may acquire Monster, it seems Google is trying to do everything and touching on every facet of modern communications.

So will Google take down the Microsoft behemoth? Or Apple?

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  • Dave Miller

    Google is not only tackling video, but now they are also taclking pay-per-click that will incorperate video - what a concept and leave it to google to really take this one to the next level.

    I think this will be a huge success for Google as people increase their bandwidth as well as their acceptance of online advertising. Google has done it with the PPC they are applying the ppc market with video.

  • pconroy

    Yes, Google will take down both of them over the long haul.
    Google formulate a plan and then execute it, with no vaporware announcements (Microsoft) or unnecessary hype (Apple) beforehand - that's what I love about them.
    GOOG @ $500 soon!!!